Courses taught at the universities of Hamburg, Hannover, Vienna, and Düsseldorf:

Advanced courses (postgraduate / MA level):

Grammatical Variation – University of Leipzig                                                 Corpus-linguistic approaches to language change – University of Leipzig                                                                                         Investigating English-German contrasts – University of Leipzig / University of Vienna / HHU Düsseldorf                   
Grammaticalization – University of Leipzig 
Quantitative Methods in Linguistics using R – University of Vienna / University of Leipzig                                                                                         Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Relativity –  University of Vienna /  University of Leipzig
Contrastive Linguistics –  University of Vienna                                                 Introduction to Regression Analysis – HHU Düsseldorf

Advanced courses (undergraduate):

The Mental Lexicon- HHU Düsseldorf
Semantics – HHU Düsseldorf
Phonology – University of Vienna
Discourse Markers – University of Vienna
Morphology – University of Hannover
Grammaticalization – University of Hamburg / University of Hannover / HHU Düsseldorf
Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Variation – University of Hamburg
Cognitive Linguistics – University of Hamburg
Corpus Linguistics – University of Hamburg

Introductory Courses (undergraduate):

Lecture: Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics -University of Leipzig                                                                                                                                               Lecture: Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics / The History of the English Language -University of Leipzig                                                                                                 Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics for Teachers of EFL -University of Vienna
Lecture: Introduction to the Study of Language – University of Vienna
Proseminar 1 Linguistics/Research Methodology – University of Vienna
Methods in Linguistics – University of Hamburg
Introduction to Linguistics – University of Hannover
Introduction to Linguistics – University of Hamburg

Introduction to Linguistics – HHU Düsseldorf
(TA) Introduction to Linguistics courses – University of Hamburg