Courses taught at the universities of Hamburg, Hannover, Vienna, Düsseldorf and Leipzig:

Advanced courses:

Sociophonetics, Recent Change in English, Grammatical Variation, Corpus-linguistic approaches to language change, Investigating English-German contrasts, Grammaticalization, Quantitative Methods in Linguistics using R, Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Relativity, Introduction to Regression Analysis, The Mental Lexicon, Semantics, Phonology, Discourse Markers, Morphology, Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Variation, Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics

Introductory Courses (undergraduate):

Lecture: Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics, Lecture: Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics / The History of the English Language, Lecture: Introduction to English Linguistics for Teachers of EFL, Lecture: Introduction to the Study of Language, Proseminar 1 Linguistics/Research Methodology, Methods in Linguistics, Introduction to Linguistics